Safe travel to Italy | We give you assistance to move and get to us safely

Any questions about the regulations to get to us safely?

Italian Exhibition Group, with a professional team which monitor international travel regulations everyday, created this assistance service to help you with all the requirements and obligations to get to Italy.

Fill out the form below: when you’ve finished, you’ll be sent an email with a summary of suggestions for your journey and you will be provided with detailed information on Italian regulations, at national, regional and local level.

Instructions for completing the form:

  • Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory
  • Keep your travel documents close
  • Questions concern issues such as the country you are leaving from, where you stayed before your arrival and conditions relating to air or land travel through third countries
  • If your case does not fall within the options provided for by the system, click on the banner at the bottom of the page for personalized assistance

(This personalized and paid service referred is managed exclusively by Arletti & Partners, with the exclusion of any burden and responsibility for Italian Exhibition Group)